About us

Callista offers consulting and engineering for demanding projects in the insurance, finance, industrial and life science sectors. We are an owner-managed company based in Zug, were founded in 2010 and operate with our team of around 80 experts. 

We are consistently focusing on the maximum impact of our performance for the long-term success of our customers in their projects.

We are convinced that four attributes are crucial for us as a company to consistently provide our customers with the impact they want: Mastery, Integrity, Caring and Agility. We call this principle the MICA-Mindset and define it substantively as follows:



competent & ambitious

We can only achieve the best result with the best people. After all, the success of a project always depends to a large extent on the people who work on it. That is why at Callista, we consistently rely on employees who are outstanding, competent and ambitious, both professionally and personally.


business-oriented & fair

Our unshakeable goal is always the sustainable economic success of everyone involved, including our customers and ourselves. This attitude has always been our driving force. That is why at Callista, we always think and act fairly with a focus on business success. After all, we can only be successful together if everyone involved benefits.


individual & personal

Tailor-made solutions for the individual challenges of our customers are important to us. This is the only way to generate maximum impact with pinpoint accuracy. That is why we rely on individually tailored solutions for projects, both in terms of the approach and the result, which we always develop in close personal discussion with our customers and experts.


lean & efficient

The leaner and more efficiently we achieve our goal, the more fulfilling the project work and the more satisfying the result for everyone involved. That is why at Callista, we organise ourselves internally and externally, and in everything we do, as lean and efficiently as possible.

Our numbers

Founding year
Number of experts


Jethro I. Oudenbroek
Dr. Roland Pieringer
Managing Director
Peter Stampfli
Managing Director
Ivan Jelic
Managing Director
Caroline Roeleveld
Managing Director
Philip Achermann
Managing Director
Peter Booman
Managing Director
Andreas Illig
Managing Director

A selection of our team members

Ina Klose
Head of Corporate Services
Pascal Thalmann
DevOps Engineer
Adrian Caraiman
Senior Software Engineer
Andreas Schmenk
Agile Coach & Scrum Master
Stefan Bechtloff
Senior DWH Consultant
Christine Mouton
Senior Business Analyst
Bekim Meta
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Benjamin Damm
Senior Frontend Engineer
Bruno Gubler
Senior SAS Engineer
Christian Dubs
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Stefanie Jordan
Senior Consultant
Christian Rieser
Senior BI Consultant
Claude Leuchter
Dani Schnider 
Principal Oracle & DWH Consultant
Cristina Patino
Business Manager
Daniel Gerek
Senior DWH Consultant
Dalay Mabboux
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Dr. Pavel Saratchev
Senior DWH Consultant
Fabrizio Colturato
Senior IT Test Manager
Jennifer Mayer
Corporate Service Assistant
Ilija Kovcic
Renata Zeqiri
Laurenz Meister
Senior Consultant Project Lead
Marcus Rieche
Senior Software Developer
Michael Röse
Senior Consultant
Rico Metzger
Beratung und Software Engineer
Stephan Kiefer
Head of Advisory Council
Alexander Kälin
Business Development Manager
Graham Telford
Senior Consultant
Thorsten Buergel
Data Integration and Documentation Manager
Mikail Oezkilic
Document Controller

Advisory council

Today’s problems are usually complex and require differentiated perspectives. Although the internet offers a sheer flood of information, filtering and assessing it requires personal experience and trust in experts who have already made this experience. The Advisory Council deals with practical technical issues. Topics such as data engineering, enterprise agility, software engineering and CRM are discussed. The Callista Advisory Council aims to bring together experts from different disciplines and backgrounds.

The Callista Advisory Council has set itself the goal of bringing together experts from different disciplines and backgrounds.
Stephan Kiefer
Head of Advisory Council