Cloud Engineering

Looking beyond the pure cloud infrastructure, one realizes that the so-called “hyperscalers” such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP already provide hundreds of services each that can be subscribed to and used without further effort.

This offers you immense possibilities for application, which the cloud natives are also taking advantage of. We want to support you in enterprise deployment so that you avoid pitfalls that many customers have stumbled across before you.

Modernisation of application landscapes>

A business requires an application level that enables it to react flexibly and continuously to changing requirements.

Initially, process, system, and data disruptions need to be tackled, which can be achieved speedily with bridging technologies. However, the digital transformation of the organisation itself, enabling DevOps and continuous provision means that the transformation of the application environment is unavoidable.

We are with you all the way, from the inventory and categorising of your existing environment to the definition of the migration strategy (6R methodology). Applications qualified for restructuring offer an option here for process and technology re-engineering. This means it is possible to define an innovation roadmap.

Technology adoption

Cloud hyperscalers provide a huge number of cloud services for large companies. As is often the case, the challenge is not in understanding the value of these services, but in integrating them into the workflows of an enterprise where they can be best exploited. In a practical environment, innovation-driven usage – make or break, so to speak – is often encountered.

Dynamic usage of services from this immense toolbox requires taking a significant step toward digital enterprise and enterprise agility. Although initial successes can be rapidly scored through the use of individual services, comprehensive usage should be planned with care. Sooner or later, unchecked usage of new services leads to the complexity that eliminates the original (subjective) speed advantage once again.

It is also important to consider the complete lifecycle when using new technologies, and our experts are there to help you achieve this.

Cloud architecture

Our experts in this area focus on harmonising cloud services throughout the entire IT environment, enhancing the expertise provided within the Enterprise Architecture group.

Topics in this division range from standardising cloud resources, harmonising the specification and cloud solution, and safeguarding security requirements. In addition, the strategic use of experts in this environment enables optimising costs in the cloud, as they provide support by offsetting and avoiding redundancies, particularly in multi-cloud environments.

This enables the harmonising of business requirements and the cloud back end with the application, platform, and infrastructure services, whereby experts from other departments can also be actively deployed if necessary. We aim to provide a reliable and secure IT environment using appropriate financial resources.

Cloud engineering

Our Cloud Engineering team takes every aspect required for the efficient operation of IT resources in cloud environments into consideration.

Our mission in this respect transcends mere installation and workload management, and we take integration points at different levels into consideration.

The aim is to exploit your investment in the cloud and the associated advancement of technology-based innovation.