Improving time2market and innovation capability at CSS insurance

Our client wants to be able to react quicker to customer requirements and therefore needs an ‘extended workbench’ that can be used on an as-needed basis.


CSS insurance consistently aligns its business processes with its customer requirements. This leads to an application landscape that is continuously built and developed by the agile teams.

To ensure time2market and the achievement of strategic goals, the teams must be able to scale quickly and cost-optimized. This enables a flexible response to priorities in customer requirements.

This often requires building new capabilities and technical innovation within the existing organization. Experience shows that this can be done very efficiently by bringing in external know-how in addition to building up internal expertise.

our Contribution

For the flexible scaling of an ‘extended workbench’, our experts where engaged on a long-term basis and deployed in changing projects and teams. This accumulated specialist know-how can be used in different areas without creating dependencies or head monopolies. Due to the fast integration into new topics and teams, the ramp-up and ramp-down costs are low.

The following projects have already been supported and successfully implemented:

  • Further development of the core system and implementation of new insurance products
  • Increased efficiency in benefit verification and billing through a higher degree of automation
  • New data platform with a new DWH, for optimized use of the existing data potential
  • Migration and outsourcing of parts of the company

The client’s teams were supported with the following roles:

  • Software engineering: frontend, backend and fullstack, using the following technologies: Java/JEE and Angular in a microservice environment, Docker/Kubernetes
  • Project management and test management in a scaled, agile setup
  • DWH Architect, with the following technologies: TeraData, Oracle, Wherescape

value added

To develop innovative topics, experts bring new, technical skills directly into the team. They work hands-on and thus ensure that the know-how is sustainably anchored in the organization. Long-term commitment and cooperation are always ensured. Thanks to the seniority of the experts, they can be deployed in different teams as required, without long introductory phases. This reduces the workload on internal teams, keeps ramp-up and ramp-down costs low, and significantly shortens the time-to-market.