Implementation of Adcubum Syrius for a Swiss Health Insurance Company

As part of a company-wide transformation program, the current IT systems are to be made fit for the future.


With the strong growth in recent years, the increasing requirements could no longer be met with the current core systems. The client wanted a high-performance and future-proof system that would meet the needs of both employees and policy holders, as well as being future-proof. Therefore the current system needed to be replaced with a modern, modular solution based on Syrius from Adcubum.

Syrius is the proven, standard solution for health insurers. However, it could not cover all of the client’s requirements. The new system was therefore complemented by a CRM (BSI), Filenet’s input and output management system, and a new DWH solution.

The project was implemented in parallel with the ongoing day-to-day business and within an extremely ambitious timeframe.


We were allowed to support our client with know-how as well as additional capacities in the following areas:

  • Business analysis for all end2end processes
  • Solution design of Syrius in the area of product design and performance
  • System engineering in the area of infrastructure and operations
  • Design and data integration of a new DWH
  • Training and change management
  • During the project, 10-12 experts were deployed in various roles, depending on the client’s needs.


The client attached great importance to two decisive factors:

  • An extremely good understanding of the client and the project, so that the most suitable experts could be provided.
  • Rapid provision of the required resources so that the planned time frame could be adhered to.
  • Thanks to our long-standing expertise and broad network, we were able to provide experts with specific know-how and experience within a very short time. As a result, the client was able to successfully implement the project in parallel with ongoing day-to-day business, while adhering to the ambitious schedule.


Due to my experience, I was able to quickly identify the needs of the client and deploy the appropriate experts in the project. I not only rely on the experience and expertise of the experts, but also look for a suitable personality that optimally complements the existing team.
Peter Stampfli
Managing Director | Callista