What we do

Callista offers consulting and engineering for demanding projects in the insurance, finance, industrial and life science sectors. We are an owner-managed company based in Zug, were founded in 2010 and operate with our team of around 80 experts. 

We are consistently focusing on the maximum impact of our performance for the long-term success of our customers in their projects.

Digital Enterprise

Our Digital Enterprise team considers all aspects of leading a digital transformation. Transforming your existing business into a data-driven and digital-first organization that is responsive and scalable requires more than just “technology” or the “flexibility of the cloud”.

Our services in this area ensure the important interfaces between “work processes”, “organization” and “technology”. This is an indispensable component for every decision-maker, as it ensures an overview during the transformation and enables the upcoming work to be planned more efficiently.

Cloud Engineering

Looking beyond the pure cloud infrastructure, one realizes that the so-called “hyperscalers” such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP already provide hundreds of services each that can be subscribed to and used without further effort.

This offers you immense possibilities for application, which the cloud natives are also taking advantage of. We want to support you in enterprise deployment so that you avoid pitfalls that many customers have stumbled across before you.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering division supports you in the realization of complex software projects throughout the entire value chain of the agile software development process.

Our experienced engineers guarantee a high level of professionalism with their methodological expertise. With their agile mindset, pragmatic attitude, and pronounced customer orientation, our experts ensure your project success and thus lay the foundation for successful software solutions with which you will differentiate yourself on the market.

Enterprise Agility

The increasingly complex market environment, new technologies, and rising competition challenge established business models. Digitalization is often the response to rapidly changing market and customer needs. The change requires new skills and a change in the cultural mindset of your organization.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering division focuses on the handling of data in the company. We cover the entire “data value chain” from the creation of data in core applications to the integration and refinement of the use of data in business processes, applications, and evaluations. As a bridge builder between business and IT, we combine users’ needs with IT capabilities and stand for efficient and sustainable solutions. Our understanding of business processes, methodology, and technology makes us the ideal partner in complex projects.

Security & IAM

Today, IT security and IAM (Identity and Access Management) are essential components of any business. With the ever-changing threat landscape and increasingly sophisticated techniques used by attackers, it is important to stay on top of the latest technologies, methods, and requirements. In doing so, it is important to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for users.

Pharmaceutical Engineering

The pharmaceutical industry is facing constant challenges due to the emergence of new viruses, the need for evolving treatments, and the increasing demands for sustainability. To stay ahead in the industry, it is essential to have a partner that can provide customized solutions and support across the entire life cycle of assets. We support global organizations delivering solutions that promote a healthier world.