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We are looking for people with many years of project experience, who have a high level of commitment and an independent and solution-oriented way of working. Our experts appreciate the exciting environment of our customers, the challenges of the project and the unconditional support, in the technical as well as administrative areas.

We believe in employee self-determination as the basis for lasting satisfaction and motivation. Our employees have freedom of choice in selecting their projects and can align these with their own interests and career goals.  We operate in the background as a point of contact and take over all the acquisition and administrative work so that employees can concentrate on their core competencies. Our unique compensation model is essential to a long-term and fair collaboration.

Our MICA-Mindset


competent & ambitious We can only achieve the best result with the best people. After all, the success of a project always depends to a large extent on the people who work on it. That is why at Callista, we consistently rely on employees who are outstanding, competent and ambitious, both professionally and personally.


business-oriented & fair Our unshakeable goal is always the sustainable economic success of everyone involved, including our customers and ourselves. This attitude has always been our driving force. That is why at Callista, we always think and act fairly with a focus on business success. After all, we can only be successful together if everyone involved benefits.


individual & personal Tailor-made solutions for the individual challenges of our customers are important to us. This is the only way to generate maximum impact with pinpoint accuracy. That is why we rely on individually tailored solutions for projects, both in terms of the approach and the result, which we always develop in close personal discussion with our customers and experts.c


lean & efficient The leaner and more efficiently we achieve our goal, the more fulfilling the project work and the more satisfying the result for everyone involved. That is why at Callista, we organise ourselves internally and externally, and in everything we do, as lean and efficiently as possible.


Renata Zeqiri
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Recruiter & Account Manager

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Ozleyis Cantekin
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Senior Recruiter

Reasons to contact us

Long-term cooperation

Do you want to shimmy from one project to the next or choose one company? What suits you and your perspective best?

These are difficult questions, but not for Callista experts. With us, you can have both, because we believe in long-term cooperation with our experts and lasting partnerships with our clients. With our broad client base, Callista can also become your foundation for growth and personal development!

Individual profit-sharing

Callista offers an extremely attractive overall package: with a permanent position and a basic salary, you benefit from your individual profit-sharing. The model is financially very attractive and completely transparent.

Our Callista contract is tailored to your individual wishes and needs. We agree on the hourly rate for each project. Based on your base salary, costs and expenses, we calculate your individual profit share and guarantee full transparency.

As a convinced expert, we reward your initiative. And this is meant literally: With our “incentivization model” you can multiply your own contribution to the results monetarily and benefit from the success of your colleagues.

Agile competence cells

Our employees work in specialized competence cells. The competence cells are grouped thematically or technologically and thus form a close-knit network of experts with intensive exchange of know-how and experience. This agile organizational principle without hierarchy proves to be very flexible and enables further growth in the market – for example, if a competence cell splits thematically.

Callista is committed to being an employer servant and provides the required corporate services, including all necessary insurance and pension benefits.

You have applied, what happens next?

Our recruiting team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps together.

Phone call with our Recruiting
Someone from our recruiting team will contact you by phone for an initial meeting. We will also discuss any open questions and clarify the general conditions.
Video call with Managing Director
In a video call with the responsible Managing Director, all details can be discussed. Our Managing Directors all have a long-standing IT background and can therefore also clarify technical details.
When we have also received positive feedback from the customer, we will make you a concrete offer.
Welcome to Callista!
Upon signing the contract, we welcome you according to our corporate culture and support you in all onboarding issues (contract management, HR issues, social security, etc.).