Enterprise Agility

The increasingly complex market environment, new technologies, and rising competition challenge established business models. Digitalization is often the response to rapidly changing market and customer needs. The change requires new skills and a change in the cultural mindset of your organization.

Agile coaching

We accompany you in your agile transformation with our “agile coaching” practices. Our aim is to develop a Ā«self-learning organizationĀ». We focus on long-term sustainability. Together, we enable your organization to “do the right thing right” through the use of efficient and effective processes. The development of agile management skills is an important success factor. Empower your employees to take responsibility and thus gain more performance.

Agile processes

There is no one right method for a company to become agile. Our coaches master the common models such as Scrum/ NEXUS/LESS, SAFE, or Kanban. With this toolbox, they coach the introduction of the most culturally appropriate solution in your company. The overarching business management processes such as project portfolio management, budgeting, and controlling are carefully integrated and guarantee end-to-end effectiveness and efficiency in the change process.

Agile transformation

Agile initiatives often arise simultaneously at different points in the company and often have a strong process focus at the beginning. These changes are usually initiated and driven by IT. However, agile transformation affects much more than just IT processes, but represents a company-wide culture and paradigm shift. We support you in bundling the various initiatives and combining and steering them in a targeted manner in an interdisciplinary program. Our goal is the sustainable anchoring of the processes supported by a learning organisation.

Agile hr and line management

Agile organizations stand for self-responsibility and self-organization of employees in increasingly flattened hierarchies. The self-image of a leader is fundamentally questioned and often leads to an “identity crisis”. But agile organizations also need leadership and line management. Our experienced consultants will help you, in close cooperation with your HR, to adapt the necessary processes and structures to the new needs of the agile organization.