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Callista offers consulting and engineering for demanding projects in the insurance, finance, industrial and life science sectors. We are an owner-managed company based in Zug, were founded in 2010 and operate with our team of around 127 experts.

We are consistently focusing on the maximum impact of our performance for the long-term success of our customers in their projects.

What we do

We support our clients in the following areas of expertise:

Digital Enterprise

Our experts have a unique starting position to support you on this journey. Whether it's evaluating the current state or developing a digital vision and strategy.

Enterprise Agility

The increasingly complex market environment, new technologies, and rising competition challenge established business models. Digitalization is often the response to rapidly changing market and customer needs. The change requires new skills and a change in the cultural mindset of your organization.

Cloud Engineering

In cloud transformation, the design of your cloud architecture is as critical as platform integration, to ensure your business is efficient and dynamic in hybrid operations. We support you not only in cloud engineering and the associated migration but also in the release management processes that are elemental to your business agility.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering division focuses on the handling of data in the company. We cover the entire "data value chain" from creating data in core applications, through integration and refinement, to using data in business processes, applications, and evaluations.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering division supports you in the realization of complex software projects throughout the entire value chain of the agile software development process.

Security & IAM

Today, IT security and IAM (Identity and Access Management) are essential components of any business. With the ever-changing threat landscape and increasingly sophisticated techniques used by attackers, it is important to stay on top of the latest technologies, methods, and requirements. In doing so, it is important to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for users.

Pharmaceutical Engineering

The pharmaceutical industry is facing constant challenges due to the emergence of new viruses, the need for evolving treatments, and the increasing demands for sustainability. To stay ahead in the industry, it is essential to have a partner that can provide customized solutions and support across the entire life cycle of assets.

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Success stories

The successful projects at and with our clients reward us for the fact that we are constantly developing our services and that our demands on the expertise of our experts are the right ones. We are proud to have been part of these success stories. If you too are facing the same challenges, we would be delighted if we could find a solution together.


Improving time2market and innovation capability at CSS insurance

Our client wants to be able to react quicker to customer requirements and therefore needs an ‘extended workbench’ that can be used on an as-needed basis.

CSS insurance works with Callista in various areas as external reinforcement for our Scrum teams.

We are very satisfied with the employees we have deployed. In addition to their high level of technical expertise, the software developers are characterized by their solution-oriented approach. They were able to integrate into the team quickly and thus provide productive benefits within a short time. Their flexibility allows us to relieve our internal staff as needed. Callista helps us generate benefits for various departments.
Patrick Kaufmann
Head of Software Development | CSS

Design and implementation of the digitalization strategy for a high-performance printing firm

Trendcommerce is a very successful and established high-performance printing firm and, as part of it’s digitalization strategy, is looking to expand it’s offering and build a new service in the area of multi-channel output management based on client requirements.

The collaboration with Callista was goal-oriented and efficient in all aspects. The interplay of expertise in the project and the coaching in the expertise of the agile world worked out excellently. The implementation took place as planned, thanks to the commitment of the experts and our onsite and nearshore teams. For me, a typical case of a success story.
Thomas Grossen
CEO | Trendcommerce

Implementation of Adcubum Syrius for a Swiss Health Insurance Company

As part of a company-wide transformation program, the current IT systems are to be made fit for the future.

Due to my experience, I was able to quickly identify the needs of the client and deploy the appropriate experts in the project. I not only rely on the experience and expertise of the experts, but also look for a suitable personality that optimally complements the existing team.
Peter Stampfli
Managing Director | Callista



Work with us

We are looking for reinforcement! Do you have many years of experience in the areas of software engineering, data engineering or enterprise agility? A high level of commitment and an independent and solution-oriented working style? Our experts appreciate the exciting environment of our customers, the challenges of the project and the unconditional support, in the technical as well as administrative area of Callista. We look forward to receiving your application.